Why Gmail is no longer my friend…

OK, Google, that was really nice of you to offer me unlimited e-mail accounts with unlimited storage, with a nice webmail, a (bit flaky) IMAP integration. For that, I did not really mind that you have a peek in my e-mails to offer me “targeted” advertisement. 

Until today. Now you really crossed the line. Bye Google. Back to my favorite hosting company for my e-mail.

If you don't speak Dutch: my wife asks me what I want to eat, Google sends me ads about losing weight...

One thought on “Why Gmail is no longer my friend…”

  1. Joepie, ik win! 😉

    Ik las toevallig vandaag al enkele malen over de steeds meer opkomende issues van Gmail.
    Misschien ook maar tijdelijk tot dat ze al die feedbacks zien…

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