VMware, Virtual PC and public hotspots

On several occasions, I had trouble connecting my pc to public hotspots. You know the drill: set up a wireless connection to the hotel wifi network, surf to any site and it should bring you to a page where you need to pay to much money 🙂

Only, on my pc it did not do that. It would try to load the page forever.

But finally, I found the solution. If you have VMware on your pc, or any other software that adds “virtual” network adapters: go to Network Neighborhood and disable all network adapters except the one you use to connect to the hotel network. Magic, it works!


Vmware Fusion rocks!

I have been quite busy the last two weeks with the preparation of our Clients’ Day. My colleagues have built a great infrastructure in Vmware, representing a “Virtual Company” with more than 40 servers, virtual desktop infrastructure, Office Communication Server… Really cool stuff.
Thanks to them, I was able to test Vmware Fusion, the virtualization tool for Mac. I now have the fastest Windows XP ever… on my iMac! Fusion has a sort of “quick install mode” for Windows: you specify your logon name, enter the license key, hit OK, turn around, and… it’s installed!