Microsoft Surface can’t connect to ad hoc network

I was trying to connect my Microsoft Surface to a wireless network created with my mobile (using Joikuspot), but this didn’t work.

Turns out that Windows RT cannot connect to ad hoc wireless networks. More info here. Quite disappointing, as the surface does not have 3G/4G built in.


VMware, Virtual PC and public hotspots

On several occasions, I had trouble connecting my pc to public hotspots. You know the drill: set up a wireless connection to the hotel wifi network, surf to any site and it should bring you to a page where you need to pay to much money 🙂

Only, on my pc it did not do that. It would try to load the page forever.

But finally, I found the solution. If you have VMware on your pc, or any other software that adds “virtual” network adapters: go to Network Neighborhood and disable all network adapters except the one you use to connect to the hotel network. Magic, it works!