A strong limitation of Microsoft LCDS

I have been playing quite some time now with Microsoft’s Learning Content Development System. I promised in an earlier post to put some content online, but that is where it went wrong. I just could not get the content published in any other LMS than the SharePoint Learning Kit.

After some testing, it seems that the content needs to be hosted on… a Microsoft IIS server. All my test systems were running Apache, PHP and MySQL (as most open source lms systems do).

For me, these are some serious limitations to LCDS as an authoring tool.

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  1. Mani,

    the easiest way to publish the content, is to create a SharePoint document library on the site, and copy the entire course folder of your LCDS course into the document library. Make sure you copy the exact folder structure, the easiest way to do this is via the “open with windows explorer” menu in SharePoint.
    To start the course, you can click on the wrapper.htm file.

    If you want to make this a bit prettier, you can use a “links” list, put that links list on the web part page of your site, and add a link to the wrapper.htm file. In this way, your users can just click a simple link to access the course.

  2. There is no tech support for LCDS. The MS LCDS forum where people report bugs practically never gets answered (either by the LCDS community or by the MS program developers). This is very different from Yahoo where a dedicated team is quick to review and reply to user questions and problems. Facebook programmers (for instance) are constantly working to solve user criticisms. CHERYL FROM CANADA

  3. I knew about sharing the course outside of LMS by copying the course folder structure to a shared folder, and sending a link to the wrapper.htm file, but what about collaborating on the same course during the build phase?

    I would like to store the working draft in a place where multiple people can contribute to the course, but it seems like the original must be stored on my computer, and no one but me can work on it.

    Any ideas?

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