Update to Android 11 on Nokia 6.2 stuck on “Finishing system update”

I recently updated a Nokia 6.2 phone to Android 11.

After the update finished, a message Finishing system update appeared in the notification center, and it never went away, even after restarting the phone or waiting for hours.

In some discussion forums, people suggested to do a factory reset, but even that did not fix the issue, the message still appeared after the factory reset.

In the end, I removed the Micro SD card that was in the phone, and that magically seems to have fixed the issue, the update finished successfully.

So if you would experience the same issue, try removing your SD Card, that might help you out. Let us know in the comments if it worked for you!

Solving Nokia Lumia 920 battery problems


  • Your phone occasionally gets very hot, just below the camera
  • The battery drains with about 20% an hour, so your phone is dead in about 4 hours

None for the moment. I sent my phone back for repair, no solution. The only consolation: you are not alone: see Nokia Support Discussions

I “solved” this by limiting the highest connection speed for the Mobile network to 2G. I can easily use my phone with one battery charge for two days now, with wifi, bluetooth and location services enabled. OK, surfing is a bit slower.


I sincerely hope that the WP8 “Amber” update is going to solve the issue.