Snip, a free screen capture tool

If you occasionally need to take a screenshot (or a screen capture of your screen), recent versions of Windows provide you with the Windows Snipping tool. It works well for simple jobs, but a recent Microsoft Garage project called Snip takes it to the next level.


It offers a number of advantages:

  • it runs in the background and is always available
  • it stores your screenshots in a “library” without having to save manually to a file
  • you can annotate your screenshot with various drawing tools. Especially useful when you are using a tablet
  • you can save your annotations in a video file and add voice-over to it (very handy for describing an issue)



Microsoft Surface Pro 3 hangs on black “Surface” boot screen

On several occasions, I had my Surface Pro 3 freeze up on me on the boot screen. When I would turn on the surface, it would get to the black screen with the Surface logo, but it would not get any further. No spinner, no activity, nothing.

The following procedure fixes my issue every time:

  • if the Surface is turned on, turn it off by holding the power button for at least 30 seconds
  • press and hold the volume up button and the power button simultaneously for 15 seconds, then release the buttons
  • screen will flash and the Surface will shut down (sometimes it gets stuck at the bios screen, just exit then)
  • turn the device back on. Things should be ok now.

Check the following link for more troubleshooting tips.


Export to SCORM suddenly removed from Office Mix?

We were all so happy that Microsoft recently added support for SCORM to Office Mix. Well, there might be some bad news: I installed Office Mix on a new pc today, and the button to export to SCORM is no longer there. And it seems that I am not the only one that is having this issue

So until further notice, it might be wise not to update the Office Mix plugin.


Office Mix adds LTI support

In an earlier post, I talked about Office Mix, a new way of converting PowerPoint presentations to SCORM packages. I had some comments of disappointed testers who used the “interactive” features of Office Mix and observed that those were not exported into the SCORM package. Yes, I am afraid that is “by design”…

However, there is a way you can use these features and integrate your Mix in your LMS: Microsoft added support for LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability), and it seems to work very well! You upload your Mix to, configure the LTI integration with your LMS (which is not much more than copy/pasting some security keys).

You can find all details on