Classic Office 2003 menus in Office 2007

Recently, my colleage Pierre pointed me to this extension for Office 2007: UBitMenu.

It restores the classic menu structure of Office 2007 on top of the Office 2007 ribbon.

In the meantime, I got used to the ribbon navigation, it really has advantages, but sometimes it would be nice to have the previous menus if you can’t find a certain functionality you don’t use very often. Microsoft also offers the interactive command references to help you out.

The tool is free for personal use.

Find your way in the Office 2007 ribbon

My colleague Johan pointed me to some interesting Microsoft tools that make the migration towards Office 2007 (and its new Ribbon) much easier.

If you knew where a certain feature was located in 2003 (e.g. in Tools, Options), you can either use an interactive guide that really shows you where it is in 2007, or you can use an Excel reference file to look it up.

Have a look at