Take a peak at Windows 8

Microsoft posted a video about the user experience in the coming version of Windows, Windows 8:

It is of course very early to draw conclusions out of this, but these are mine:

  • we need a design room like this for our team
  • it might be the end of “Windows” as we know it, because the only windows you see in the movie are the ones in the legacy applications
  • touch will become more and more important. Imagine this demo with a mouse and a keyboard…

E-learning in 1927

Via the Mobile Cowboys site, I found this video. It explains the use of a rotary telephone, and seems to be created in 1927.

It is interesting to compare this to the e-learning material we create nowadays. Especially the speed (or lack of speed) is quite surprising. And ┬áit is good to realise that skills that we take for granted, are not necessarily “obvious” and sometimes still need explanation.

The (near) future of Productivity according to Microsoft

On a regular basis, Microsoft produces nice videos about their view on Information Worker Productivity in the future. This video shows the very near future: all products shown in the video are available as far as I can see. We are only waiting until companies implement them all, and until information workers start acquiring the competences to work with these tools in an efficient way…