E-learning in 1927

Via the Mobile Cowboys site, I found this video. It explains the use of a rotary telephone, and seems to be created in 1927.

It is interesting to compare this to the e-learning material we create nowadays. Especially the speed (or lack of speed) is quite surprising. And  it is good to realise that skills that we take for granted, are not necessarily “obvious” and sometimes still need explanation.

One thought on “E-learning in 1927”

  1. This is amazing!

    It shows us that what we do nowadays,is nothing new. We just use different media & devices to ‘learn’. Teaching has changed, but learning hasn’t.
    Depite all these media, we sometimes tend to loose contact with (the needs of) our learners.

    It’s not bad to go back to 1927 sometimes and have empathy with the audience..


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