Top 10 learning tools for 2012

Jane Hart is gathering votes for the Top 100 learning tools for 2012.
This is my top 10, in random order:
  • Twitter: the best way to generate your own “information streams” about various subjects
  • SharePoint 2010: Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration platform. Fan of the “My Sites”, that allow you to create your own “portfolio”; with Office 365, you can set up your own platform in the cloud for a very reasonable cost.
  • Adobe Captivate: although getting really complicated, still one of the leaders as far as software courses (screencasts) is concerned
  • Diigo: social bookmarking tool
  • Tweetdeck: invaluable for organizing my twitter stream. Like the fact that it is cross-platform
  • Google Reader: allows me to follow more than 400 websites or other information sources (RSS) in one single web-based application
  • Feeddler Pro: iPad app that connects to your Google Reader account and displays your RSS feeds on iPad
  • Microsoft OneNote: the best note-taking application on the Windows platform. Unbeatable in combination with SharePoint and a tablet pc. Now with an iPad app!
  • Instapaper: with the “read later” button in your browser toolbar, you can save interesting articles for later, and read them e.g. in the iPad app
  • iSpring Pro: a very powerful “PowerPoint to Flash” rapid e-learning tool.

Compared to last year, not much of a change, 3 newcomers only.

What is your top 10?


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