The ribbon in SharePoint 2010

As you have probably heard, SharePoint 2010 has a total new interface on the user side: it has the ribbon as we know it from Office 2007.

There are a couple of reasons why this can probably become an issue and will require extra training for your end users:

  • a lot of companies are still running Office 2003, and will probably hold on upgrading until Office 2010 is available. These people have never seen the ribbon before!
  • the ribbon is “security trimmed”, but where in MOSS 2007 any option that you did not have access to was hidden, it is grayed out in SP 2010. This gives some very strange results if you only have read access: you get a ribbon full of disabled buttons.
  • Some functions are less accessible than befor, e.g. the content types. It requires some extra clicks to get where you want.


Definitely something to consider when you start planning your end user training!

4 thoughts on “The ribbon in SharePoint 2010”

  1. Hi,
    Wanted to know if the interface of sites migrated from 2007 to sharepoint2010 have a ribbon in their interface?
    I just went to central admin of a site migrated to sharepoint 2010 expecting to see ribbon but it had the same 2007 look and feel.

  2. In preparation for our internal end-user training, I am looking for a description of the various Ribbon components. We have not yet migrated to Office 2007 so the Ribbon will be new for most of our 5000 end-users. I myself need to familiarize with it. Do you know of any good reference to maybe a graphical breakdown of the ribbon in SharePoint 2010? Or a beginning to end kind of description of it. Haven’t found it on the web yet. I need to help the end-users adopt this new design (and me!).

    Thank you for help.

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