Sonos controller update fails on macOS Ventura

After the installation of macOS Ventura (currently 13.1), the update of the Sonos Controller app would fail systematically with the error message: Sonos update failed – an unexpected error occurred.

This can be resolved by adding some permissions for the Sonos Installer:

  • Open System preferences
  • In the navigation column on the left, select Privacy & Security
  • In the Privacy section, select App management
  • Make sure that the switch is on next to Sonos Installer. This will give the installer the necessary rights to update the app.
Change the setting to ON for Sonos Installer

2 thoughts on “Sonos controller update fails on macOS Ventura”

  1. Sonos Installer is not listed in the App Management section so I can’t toggle it on. I did receive an error message that the Installer needed permission. When I selected “Allow”, it took me to the App Management page but the installer was not listed. Thanks for any help you can provide!

  2. I had the same thing on another mac; I downloaded the installer from the Sonos site, installed the controller and that made “Sonos Installer” appear in the App Management page. Once I toggled it there, the next updates went smoothly again.

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