A great software experience

As an IT professional, you meet a lot of people who are disappointed, sad, angry or even frustrated about the quality of the software they need to use every day. Maybe it is good to share a positive experience with software…

A friend was celebrating her birthday, and as always a lot of pictures were taken. But the next day, the 4 GB SD card contained… nothing!

image In an ultimate attempt to save the pictures (they had been there, because we previewed them at the party on the camera), I called google to the rescue, to find a program called CardRecovery. I must say I was rather sceptical.

On the website, you could download a free trial version, that allowed you to preview the images, but not to recover them. That’s already something, at least you only pay when it works.

I installed the program, attached the camera, let it run for about half an hour, and… it showed me the preview of the 500 lost pictures! Including a “Buy Now” button, of course.

I clicked the button, payed the price (29 €, very reasonable), entered the license key, clicked “Next” and it recovered the pictures. I did not even have to close the program.

So you see, lighten up! There is great software out there!

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