A gold mine, not a coal mine

I came across an interesting article that discusses the results of a survey about the satisfaction of business users with their company intranet. As a SharePoint site owner, it is good to have a look a the top 5 of things people want on their intranet:

  1. people information
  2. procedures, policies…
  3. forms
  4. employee benefits
  5. organisation news

Also interesting is the list of improvements:

  1. better content organisation
  2. easier to find information
  3. better search
  4. clear intranet strategy
  5. getting rid of outdated content

If you keep these in mind, you make your intranet a gold mine, not a coal mine.

Reference: http://www.gerrymcgovern.com/new-thinking/intranets-what-staff-really-want


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