How to publish a Captivate project to a SharePoint site

Microsoft SharePoint is an interesting platform if you quickly want to publish your e-learning content. These are the steps to publish an Adobe Captivate project to a SharePoint site:

1. Publish your Captivate project as Flash(SWF), and make sure that you have the option Export to html checked. This will produce a set of files: a .html file, a .swf file and a .js file.

2. Upload these files into a document library on a SharePoint site. You can start your project by clicking on the .html file.
If you are running SharePoint 2010 and the file does not open, you might need to change a security setting in SharePoint. Also, SharePoint has a default file size limit of 50 MB. Your system administrator can increase this limit.

3. Optional, but recommended: to make it easier for your users to start your course, you can include a link to the .html file on the home page of your site.

Watch the demonstration below for more detailed instructions:


My top 10 tools for Learning 2011

Like every year, Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies is inviting learning professionals to list their top 10 learning tools. These are mine for this year:

  • Twitter: the best way to generate your own “information streams” about various subjects
  • SharePoint 2010: Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration platform. Fan of the “My Sites”, that allow you to create your own “portfolio”
  • Adobe Captivate: by far the best e-learning development tool of the moment. Looking forward to the future HTML output
  • Diigo: social bookmarking tool that replaced my delicious account
  • Tweetdeck: invaluable for organizing my twitter stream. Like the fact that it is cross-platform
  • Google Reader: allows me to follow more than 400 websites or other information sources (RSS) in one single web-based application
  • Feeddler Pro: iPad app that connects to your Google Reader account and displays your RSS feeds on iPad
  • Microsoft OneNote: the best note-taking application on the Windows platform. Unbeatable in combination with SharePoint and a tablet pc. If only they would release the iPad app in Europe…
  • Office 365: brings the power of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Lync to your home network
  • WordPress: one of the most user friendly blogging platforms

Microsoft LCDS 2.7 available

Microsoft released a new version of its rapid content development tool, Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS). Major new feature is the possibility to create “Learning Snacks”, a specific Silverlight based format designed for small e-learning courses with a maximum of 6 topics.

E-learning in 1927

Via the Mobile Cowboys site, I found this video. It explains the use of a rotary telephone, and seems to be created in 1927.

It is interesting to compare this to the e-learning material we create nowadays. Especially the speed (or lack of speed) is quite surprising. And  it is good to realise that skills that we take for granted, are not necessarily “obvious” and sometimes still need explanation.

Augmented reality demo with Layar

Recently, Danny and I gave a presentation on future learning technology on one of the ADM info sessions. We showed how augmented reality could make a difference in the future, with a practical example in Belgium, and I promised some of the participants to post the demo video about Layar, a popular augmented reality app. So here it is:

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