Two way sync of Excel 2007 lists to SharePoint

It seems that by default, SharePoint lists linked to Excel only sync one way if you are using Excel 2007. If you are using Excel 2003, they sync two-way.

Reason for this? Access 2007 is now the favorite “off line client” for SharePoint lists.

If you install an add-in for Excel 2007, lists can again be synced two-way.



Characters that you cannot use in sites, folders, and files in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or in SharePoint Server 2007

• tilde (~)
• number sign (#)
• percent (%)
• ampersand (&)
• asterisk (*)
• braces ({ })
• backslash (\)
• colon (:)
• angle brackets (< >)
• question mark (?)
• slash (/)
• plus sign (+)
• pipe (|)
• quotation mark (“)



Virtual Fire Extinguishing…

image Those of you who enjoyed my appearance in the very first Learning Service 5 course (“Veiligheidsaccessoires in de wagen”), where we demonstrated “virtually” how to fight a fire, will be interested to know that virtual fire extinguishing has moved to the next level: Marcel de Leeuwe blogged about a company who developed a training tool with a fire extinguisher and a digital panel, interacting with laser beams.  

He is a bit sceptic about the “experience” of digital fire, but I noticed on the website of the vendor that the system does use real water. So that comes already a bit closer to the real thing.

I am really curious to see if companies will adopt this kind of technology.

Have a look: