Characters that you cannot use in sites, folders, and files in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or in SharePoint Server 2007

• tilde (~)
• number sign (#)
• percent (%)
• ampersand (&)
• asterisk (*)
• braces ({ })
• backslash (\)
• colon (:)
• angle brackets (< >)
• question mark (?)
• slash (/)
• plus sign (+)
• pipe (|)
• quotation mark (“)



Virtual Fire Extinguishing…

image Those of you who enjoyed my appearance in the very first Learning Service 5 course (“Veiligheidsaccessoires in de wagen”), where we demonstrated “virtually” how to fight a fire, will be interested to know that virtual fire extinguishing has moved to the next level: Marcel de Leeuwe blogged about a company who developed a training tool with a fire extinguisher and a digital panel, interacting with laser beams.  

He is a bit sceptic about the “experience” of digital fire, but I noticed on the website of the vendor that the system does use real water. So that comes already a bit closer to the real thing.

I am really curious to see if companies will adopt this kind of technology.

Have a look: