Create a SCORM package from a Microsoft LCDS course

I was looking at the stats of my blog, and some of the most visited articles are the ones about Microsoft LCDS. A lot of people are contacting me because they have trouble publishing the LCDS content to a learning management system (e.g. to the SharePoint Learning Kit). Tom Molskov already posted a very useful comment with a procedure on how to do this, but I thought it was time for a little screencast.

This is how I do it:

  1. Open your course in LCDS
  2. Click the Media button in the toolbar to open the Media folder
  3. In the Media window, go one level UP. This brings you in the Courses folder
  4. Select all files (Ctrl+A) and add them to  a compressed folder (.zip)
  5. Upload that zip file to your Learning Management System

2 thoughts on “Create a SCORM package from a Microsoft LCDS course”

  1. Dear Jan:
    I am glad to have found your site because:

    (1) you say “I am a great fan of Apple computers”. I myself have been harping on an Apple-LCDS question since coming upon Microsoft’s LCDS (which you discuss on your site): The LCDS does not play/run/open on MAC computers (Apple). OR DOES IT? Only students using Windows and Vista OS computers can take an LCDS course(?) Isn’t that a huge drawback that should be noted in any evaluation of LCDS as a teaching tool? (To warn MAC users, I mean.)

    (2) I tried writing a course using LCDS and the “hover caption”(“ALT TEXT”) works/appears in the course preview feature BUT when the course is published/opened on the web browser (by a third party user), the hover captions all disappear. Do you know why? How can that happen (ie. something shows up on the “Preview” but will not carry through to the browser)?

    Anyway, thanks for your website. I definitely can learn a lot from your sharing your experiences/expertise. And now I have someone (you) to talk to about these little things I am discovering. Cheryl in Canada

  2. Hi Cheryl, thank you for your comment.
    You are absolutely right: LCDS content is not working on mac. And this is indeed a drawback, unless you are distributing the content in an enterprise environment where you know all computers are running the same (windows) configuration.
    For the alt text issue: I am observing the same thing. I guess this is a bug, because the alt text is showing on the navigation buttons, and on some graphics, not on others.

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