Augmented reality demo with Layar

Recently, Danny and I gave a presentation on future learning technology on one of the ADM info sessions. We showed how augmented reality could make a difference in the future, with a practical example in Belgium, and I promised some of the participants to post the demo video about Layar, a popular augmented reality app. So here it is:

More info on these links:


Prompt to save HTML pages in SharePoint 2010 document libraries

Today, we discovered that the out-of-the-box experience for working with html-pages in SharePoint 2010 document libraries is quite different from the 2007 version.

We uploaded an e-learning course to a document library, made a link to the index.html page of the course, but when we clicked the link we were prompted to download the html page instead of opening it in the browser.

It appears to be a new security setting in SharePoint 2010. This is the procedure how to change the default behaviour:

  1. Go to Central Administration
  2. Select Manage web applications
  3. Select the web application you want to modify
  4. In the Ribbon, click the General Settings button and select General Settings from the drop down menu
  5. In the section Browser file handling, select Permissive instead of Strict.

If you are using SharePoint 2010 for learning purposes, this is something you want to modify, otherwise all web content will be blocked. You need farm administrator rights to change this setting.


Microsoft LCDS 2.6

Microsoft released a new version of its Learning Content Development System.

These are the new features:

  • compatibility wit Internet Explorer 9
  • enhanced keyboard accessibility for all Silverlight interactive elements
  • new sequencing activity topic template – where you have to put elements in the correct order
  • new card flip game topic template

Click the image below for an screencast of the new sequencing activity.

You can download the new version on

When you open an existing course, it is automatically upgraded to the new version.


Upgrading an Adobe Captivate 3 project to Captivate 5

There seems to be a lot of confusion about upgrading projects created with Adobe Captivate 3 to Adobe Captivate 5. I did some tests today, and these are my conclusions:

  • You can upgrade files from Captivate 3 to Captivate 5. However, you can not “go back” and do a “save as Captivate previous version”, because the Captivate 5 file format is different;
  • When I tried to publish an upgraded project, it did not work, the result showed just a black screen. This was because the project I tried contained “text animations”, and there is an known issue with these. Adobe published a fix for this issue.

After applying the fix, all worked well.


Quotes from DevLearn 2010 #DL10

DevLearn 2010 has been an amazing three days of sessions, discussions, tweeting and playing. Too much to blog in detail, but I do want to share some quotes, one-liners and thoughts I heard and that I keep in mind. I hope I do credit the right people, if not, I do apologize…

Jay Cross and the Internet Time Alliance on Informal Learning:

  • An LMS can only be successful if people are “capable learners”.
  • Formal learning can be like a bus ride. People tend to fall asleep.

John Seely Brown on “The Power of Pull”

  • The purpose of a company in the 20th century is to minimize transaction cost and to achieve scalable efficiency. The purpose of a company in the 21th century should be to achieve scalable capability building.

Marcia Conner on “New Social Learning”

  • Together we are better.

Thornton May on “The New Know”

  • Your network will keep you safe

Of course, there were a lot more sessions that were less conceptual but more specific, and thus produce less “quotable content”. Many thanks to all the speakers for sharing their knowledge and kudos to the people of the E-learning Guild for organizing a top event.