Export to SCORM suddenly removed from Office Mix?

We were all so happy that Microsoft recently added support for SCORM to Office Mix. Well, there might be some bad news: I installed Office Mix on a new pc today, and the button to export to SCORM is no longer there. And it seems that I am not the only one that is having this issue

So until further notice, it might be wise not to update the Office Mix plugin.


Converting PowerPoint to SCORM is now free…

Update: It seems that this feature has been removed from the latest build !

Microsoft seems to be shaking the world of e-learning authoring tools. After announcing Office Mix, a free plugin for PowerPoint 2013 that adds screen recording, voice-over and cam recording to PowerPoint, it now seems to have added SCORM export functionalities to the Mix add-in.

mix ribbon

This means that you can create your PowerPoint, record your voice and cam, annotate the presentation, and then publish it to your favorite LMS using the SCORM export function. It must be dark times for the competitors, as Microsoft suddenly has an e-learning authoring tool installed on almost every pc…

Below you find an example of the output, by the Master himself.