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instantlistfilterI had a great time in my last SharePoint Power User training, and as always, I learned a lot from the questions raised during the course. What do you think about this one: is there a quick and easy way to filter a long SharePoint list, without using Search, without using the column headings or the datasheet view?

I bumped into this nice extension on Codeplex: the SharePoint InstantListFilter. It adds lookup columns at the top of every document library and list, and you can use them to filter the list by typing in them; the results are shown immediately on the screen (jquery).

My development skills are non existing, so I can not evaluate the solution technically, but it is really a lifesaving functionality when you are browsing through long SharePoint lists (especially when there is no metadata or views defined).

Of course, there are some limitations:

  • it only filters in the displayed results
  • it is a feature activated on site level

If you want to see it in action, have a look at the demo.


6 thoughts on “SharePoint Instant List Filter”

  1. is it working for Document library? Can you please give me the steps how to implement it for Document library?

  2. Does it work for picture libraries too? I am trying to enter the code in the content editor and it is not working.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi,

    I have implemented this in MOSS 2007, but not working in SP 2010

    Does it works for SharePoint 2010?

    Appreciate your help on this issue.

  4. Can you please provide me code on my mail for sharepoint 2013? as i have some code but its not working on sharepoint 2013 (not display any result in search).

  5. Hi,
    I have implemented this in Office 365, but not working
    Does it works for?Can you please tell me how to implement on online office 365 and its step. I was used this code in SharePoint 2010 and it was working fine.but not in Office 365.waiting for your reply.

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