Custom 404 error page in SharePoint

Last week, I was looking for some info on our portal. I used a bookmark that I created, to quickly access the team site I was looking for, but all I got was: 404 file not found. Afterwards, I found out that somebody reorganised the portal and moved the site to another URL.

Two reflections on this:

  • Should you really delete sites in a SharePoint portal? Should you not at least leave a web part page with a message that the information moved to another location?
    This is a common practice in web content management (redirect pages, even better!), why not in a SharePoint portal?
  • Is there a way to have a “friendly” 404 error page? I found out there is a way to have custom error pages, but it is not a very easy procedure to perform, as it even involves some Visual Studio:
    If you are looking for inspiration on what should be on your custom error page, have a look at

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